Remote Service Technology Enables Advanced Diagnostics and Real-time Support
VirtualCare® Remote Support capabilities provide proactive solutions and recovery plans to alert you to a problem, and help you address it, before it shuts you down.

Program Highlights

Exclaimation Icon Monitor and detect errors automatically, round-the-clock with vErrorAlert

Ring Bell Icon Receive service requests instantly, generated at point of care with vServiceRequest

Monitor Icon Provide fast, effective, and informed event assessment and determination with vDiagnostics

Wrench Icon Resolve software issues remotely in minutes rather than hours, 24/7 with vRepair

VirtualCare® is available on:

  • Now available on Bayer's new - Medrad® MRXperion™ MR Injection System!
  • Medrad® Stellant® CT Injection System
  • Medrad® Spectris Solaris® EP MR Injection System
  • Medrad® Avanta™ Fluid Management Injection System
  • Medrad® Mark 7 Arterion® Injection System
  • Certegra® Informatics Platform
  • Medrad™ Intego PET Infusion System

Contact the service representative for more information about local programs available to you.

Brochure (pdf)