What is BioFreedomTM?

BioFreedom is the only polymer- and carrier-free Drug Coated Stent with BA9™ (DCS).

The combination of a selectively micro-structured abluminal surface (SMS) and Biolimus A9™ make BioFreedom a unique stent.

At least 20% of PCI patients are High Bleeding Risk (HBR)1-9 requiring an individualized approach, BioFreedom provides a more appropriate treatment strategy.

The rapid 28 day transfer of BA9 to the coronary artery and rapid reendothelialization of the stented vessel, make BioFreedom the most relevant choice of stent for High Bleeding Risk (HBR) patients who cannot tolerate long dual antiplatelet therapy (DAPT).

The LEADERS FREE trial proved superior safety and efficacy of the BioFreedom DCS vs a BMS in the previously understudied and underserved HBR patient population.

Brochure (pdf)